Our Team

Passionate about "Digital Transformation" for our life, Seniors 55+"

ー“Do you love life? Then do not waste time, for that is what life is made of.” Benjamin Franklin

Experiencing a “super-aging” society, Japan, with above 27% of the population is above the age of 67,  estimated to reach 33% by 2050 and 40% by 2050. 

As result, the senior generation’s workforce and healthy seniors has increased  drastically  (due to the shortage of youth manpower) and is more than any other country on the planet

The era of pandemic taught us the new digitalized life. We, as seniors, must-have essential skills to adapt to the changes to cherish our time left toward the end.

Believing simply better life for active seniors. , now, we are introducing a new lifestyle with our products in the US and Japan.

Our visions come from our team members’ life experiences in Tokyo, where the most advanced “aging society” in the world. 

  • Provide a new lifestyle that will energize Senior life.
  • Creating an environment that can efficiently prioritize life.  In other words, effectively use the time left in our life.
  • Help prioritize “What’s most important in your life”

Our focus is the followings;

  1. We provide information technology to perpetually preserve your precious memories for loved ones.   [to be remembered] 
  2. We provide information technology to leave your assets to loved ones safely.


Our members have been working on digital document management and legal technology area over decades. 

Most of our members rooted in computer security, document management, computer forensic, and e-discovery, where we have managed important documents and personal secrets.  

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