A new way of life: A Digitalized Way

Our Experiences ->  New Product Adaption into the old legacy market with partners

Ou Track Records:

We worked with US startup companies for the last 18 years.  Always started with small and made them big.  These are examples of our customers chose us in the past;

  • Guidance Software

 Partnership from 2002-2014. We achieved from zero revenue to $3M~  in Japan for the first 2 years, which contributed to their 2005 IPO

  • Vontu

Acquired by Symantec in 2007 at  $350M: Partnership from 2004-2006 and landed several multi-million dollar deals, as well as establishing new DLP (Data  Leak Prevention) Market in Japan, all contributed for their acquisition.

  • Clearwell

Acquired by Symantec in 2011 for $390M: Contracted from 2009-2011 for Japanese Market development and achieved targeted millions of dollar deals and handed over to Symantec.

  • Lateral Data:   

Acquired by Xerox in 2012 at $30M: Contracted from 2012-2017 for initial Japan Market development and contributed APAC customer development.

* There are few companies we dealt with other than mentioned above and all pass the initial stage to establish the infrastructure.

Smart Home Devices

Love to make your business successful!

Document Management

*Clearwell- Now Symantec, *Lateral Data -Now Xerox


Computer Security

Guidance Software, *Vontu-Now Symantec,

we love the good product and great people

We specialized in enterprise customers,  “Solution Sales”

For our product segment, it’s still DIFM (Do It For Me) market. Selling without customized solutions will not work.  It’s a lot of work so we value the team. And the partnership, and will catch a big fish we can share together…

…if you believe in digital lifestyle, you are with us!

Welcome steps  to follow; 

Together We Achieve Goals
ーTime spend by Managersー
Consume more than 60 hours per week for first year 100%
-Time Savings -
15 hours or less 25%
Inital Investmet Per Year
$300K ~ $1M based on our experiences and takes longer 100%
Initial Investment savings
$0K ~$300K 30%

Be successful for Initial Market development