Start Simple Life

Minimalist Lifestyle with Smart financial tools

We build your most important belongings last forever


Story and Scenario will be created to match Linear or Nonlinear Dialogue along with follow up and fallback intents. Then, actual native user test for verification.

We Love decentrized and true financial FREEDOM

Trusted and experienced experts will CREATE, VALIDATE and FEEDBACK these time-consuming model, and will support your simple requirements, "forever life"

no big player control

Unlike the centrized system such as Google and Amazon, we give the control to you, each customer, in order to control your own financial data and your life memories. Then, connect to you loved ones.

no authority control

Based on the learned experience in the past, we composed the system where authority will not breach the data in our system. Nor system, Developer and administrator.

we work with these blockchain products

We selectively package technologies to create our products. New product testing, feedback improvement is on the way. 


You select the most important data and files


You control your own data and files.


Deligation available to your loved one 



Detection sensors and camera that can trigger the activity monitoring, lighting control, recording logs, notification alerts etc.


Access Rate, Data Size,  Volume, Date&Time, Steps, Quantity, data Logs, another measurement for monitoring.


Provide the role base key management system. Mutisig key management Available. Monitoring and alerting of specified activity or measurement, 


  • Smart Remote Control
  • Smart speaker
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart plug
  • Smart Lock
  • Window · Door sensor
  • Curtain automation
  • Environmental management / visualization
  • Smart scale
  • Sensor button system
  • Network Camera
  • Smart humidifier
  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • siren
  • e-mail
  • WIFI socket
  • Wristband activity meter