Smart Simple Life

Minimalist Lifestyle with Digital gadgets and financial tools

We build user experiences in lifestyle!   E.g. Cultural, Persona, Non-exist languages, dialect and etc.


Story and Scenario will be created to match Linear or Nonlinear Dialogue along with follow up and fallback intents. Then, actual native user test for verification.

We Love GOOGLE and Amazon -AWs

Trusted and experienced experts will RE-CREATE, VALIDATE and FEEDBACK these time-consuming Japanese voice model, and will support your simple startup process in Japanese market


Instead of translating the original English script, we correctly understand the full intents. Then, connect the intents to experience model in Japanese lifestyle.


Based on the learned experience model, we compose the best entities such Dates, Places and Times for System, Developer and User.

we work with these Smart Home products

We package your success of smart home devices in Japan, not only voice model translation but the interest group testing, feedback improvement as well as marketing channel establishment . 


Input devices or sensors to enable voice automated actions


We work with Amazon Echo series and Google Assistant Embedded products ONLY 


Devices operated by Amazon Echo series and Google Assistant Embedded products 

INPUT(Sensors or Devices that automate smart home action appliances, IoT sensors of your own can also be used)

Smart Security

Detection sensors and camera that can trigger the activity monitoring, lighting control, recording logs, notification alerts etc.

Smart Health

Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Weight,Height, BMI, Steps, Sleep quality, Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle Mass, Metabolic measurement devices.

Smart Air

Monitoring and alerting of indoor and outdoor carbon dioxide, humidity, atmospheric pressure, noise, temperature measurement, 

* There are buttons, temperature humidity sensors, Motion detector, arrival sensors, contact sensors, water leak sensors (IoT related devices) may incorporate above usage.


(Devices operated by Amazon Echo and Gogole Assistant)

  • Smart Remote Control
  • Smart speaker
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart plug
  • Smart Lock
  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Window · Door sensor
  • Curtain automation
  • Environmental management / visualization
  • Push robot
  • Network Camera
  • Smart humidifier
  • Smart mosquito cutter
  • Smart Mattress
  • Smart scale
  • Sensor button system
  • Smart Home Starter Kit
  • siren
  • e-mail
  • WIFI socket
  • Opticon hearing aid
  • Wristband activity meter