Catalog assets and keep in the secrure inheritance Box

Digital Lifestyle with Smart financial tools

We build your most important belongings last forever

Permanent Storage Data

Provision of the unique URL getaway for each customer, which you can store and keep documents forever in NFT minted domain. It's true financial FREEDOM

no big player control

Unlike the centralized system such as Google and Amazon, we give full control to you. Control your own financial data and your life memories, so no red tape interactions.

no authority control

We build the system where authority will not breach the data in our system. Nor system, Developer and administrator. No Government honeypot.

we work with these blockchain products

We selectively package technologies to create our products. New product testing, feedback improvement is on the way. 

Data Management

Upload and Manage the important data and files

Your Security Key

You control your own data and files using NFT domain.

Portal Website

We provide a unique URL poral connect to your memorial site.

Problem – Solution

Traditional Will

Traditional asset protection tools such as trusts and will have the inherent problem of becoming outdated soon after their creation. 

Digital Inheritance

You can complement your existing estate planning by easily keeping a check on your catalog of assets and the designation of beneficiaries who are to be notified in the case of an unforeseen event happening to you.

Not Legally Protected

Other Digital inheritant service does NOT guarantee as to the legal document for inheritance. Normally just allow you or your heir to be aware of your assets and to identify and locate them, thus minimizing the chance of an unclaimed asset. 

Legally Protected

Since we use the legal technology, e-discovery, the data we kept will stand in court and become legally viable documents.   In case of the trial, all documents can be utilized in trial preparations via attorney.